Elisabeth K Andrie

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To investigate whether single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in key cytokine and innate immunity genes influence risk for childhood lymphomas, we genotyped 37 children with Hodgkin's (HL) and 48 with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL), aged (1 month-14 yr), along with their 85 age- and gender-matched controls suffering from mild medical conditions. Genotypic(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore whether the inverse association of sun exposure with non Hodgkin lymphoma among adults is also evident among the childhood population and test the specificity of the relation by contrasting the findings to those for Hodgkin lymphoma. METHODS A total of 87 cases of childhood (0-14 years) with non Hodgkin lymphoma and 71 with Hodgkin(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate the incidence and epidemiological profile of childhood (0-14 years) Hodgkin's lymphoma in Greece derived by the network of childhood Hematology-Oncology departments on the basis of all 95 newly diagnosed cases during a seven-year period. METHODS Seventy-one of these cases were individually age and gender matched to an equal number(More)
Results from epidemiological studies exploring the association between childhood lymphoma and maternal smoking during pregnancy have been contradictory. This meta-analysis included all published cohort (n = 2) and case-control (n = 10) articles; among the latter, the data of the Greek Nationwide Registry for Childhood Hematological Malignancies study were(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the differential implications of sociodemographic and situational factors on the risk of injury among disabled and non-disabled children. DESIGN Data from the Emergency Department Injury Surveillance System (EDISS) were used to compare, in a quasi case-control approach, injured children with or without disability with respect to(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To assess initiation of sexual activity and contraception methods used among Greek adolescents. To determine the association of adolescents' emotional and behavioral status with their sexual activity. DESIGN A descriptive cross-sectional survey was conducted. SETTING, PARTICIPANTS The population (N = 1074, age 14-16) consisted of a(More)
BACKGROUND Overweight of children and adolescents continues to be an important and alarming global public health problem. As the adolescent's time spent online has increased, problematic internet use (PIU) potentially leads to negative health consequences. This study aimed to examine the relation between PIU and overweight/obesity among adolescents in seven(More)
Bullying in school-aged children is a universal problem, which continues to be a serious threat to physical and emotional health of children and adolescents. This article highlights the prevalence, the common characteristics of bullies and victims, as well as the short- and long-term impact of bullying involvement. Key areas highlighted include the efficacy(More)
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