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Decisions are often based on a combination of new evidence with prior knowledge of the probable best choice. Optimal combination requires knowledge about the reliability of evidence, but in many realistic situations, this is unknown. Here we propose and test a novel theory: the brain exploits elapsed time during decision formation to combine sensory(More)
The extraction of directional motion information from changing retinal images is one of the earliest and most important processing steps in any visual system. In the fly optic lobe, two parallel processing streams have been anatomically described, leading from two first-order interneurons, L1 and L2, via T4 and T5 cells onto large, wide-field(More)
Dendritic integration is a fundamental element of neuronal information processing. So far, few studies have provided a detailed spatial picture of this process, describing the properties of local dendritic activity and its subcellular organization. Here, we used 2-photon calcium imaging in optic flow processing neurons of the fly Calliphora vicina to(More)
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