Elisabeth Hoffman

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This paper investigates a class of matching problems-the assignment of indivisible items to agents where some agents have prior claims to some of the items. As a running example, we will refer to the indivisible items as houses. House allocation problems are not only of theoretical interest, but also of practical importance. A house allocation mechanism(More)
Theoretical works concerning the influence of personal characteristics of work supervisors on their referral of subordinates to organizational alcoholism programs are reviewed. These works hypothesize two barriers to such referrals: supervisory style and experientially based frames of reference. The effects of these behavioral and attitudinal(More)
The chromosome assignment of 115 expressed sequence tags (ESTs) from human skeletal muscle, 101 of which identify unknown human genes, is reported. The ESTs were selected among over 4,000 obtained from systematic sequencing of a skeletal muscle cDNA library containing 3' portions of the mRNAs. Chromosome assignments were obtained by PCR amplification of two(More)
The relationship of differences in accuracy between men and women in interpersonal predictive judgments to those reported in field articulation research was explored. Field-dependent (ns = 14,12) and field-independent (ns = 21,12) men and women (ns = 35, 24) were tested for accuracy of predictive judgments. No statistically significant differences were(More)
Relapse is a major problem with nicotine addiction. This study investigated the long-term abstinence rate and effectiveness of a five-day residential nicotine treatment program. Questionnaires were mailed to all clients who completed the program between 1991 and 1996. 47% of the questionnaires were returned. Of these, 65% of respondents reported being(More)
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