Elisabeth Hendrickson

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This document is intended as an issues list for planning and negotiating an outsourcing relationship. It is not intended as legal advice. The author makes no promise that this is suitable for your particular project or negotiation. " Outsourcing " refers to the process in which a company transfers all or part of one of its departments to an outside vendor(More)
Instead of submitting slides for this session, I submit the following article describing the demo I will do. In Extreme Programming, programmers practice Test Driven Development (TDD). They begin developing code by writing a failing executable unit test that demonstrates the existing code base does not currently possess some capability. Once they have a(More)
• 1997: " Help me justify test automation. " • 1998: " Where do we start automating? " • 1999: " Are we doing enough automation? " • 2000: " What do we automate next? " • 2001: " What's our automation strategy? " • Too easy to underestimate the cost. • Too easy to overestimate the benefit. • Most organizations are concerned with using automation(More)
Note: This is a draft 2 of a chapter on testing and software measurement that will appear in the third edition of Testing Computer Software (We will extend the reference list substantially in the next draft. We expect this chapter to be controversial, but we very much want it to be fair and accurate. Please send comments (including flames, if necessary) to(More)
One of the common test management questions is what is the right ratio of testers to other developers. Perhaps a credible benchmark number can provide convenience and bargaining power to the test manager working with an executive who has uninformed ideas about testing or whose objective is to spend the minimum necessary to conform to an industry standard.(More)