Elisabeth H Tracey

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BACKGROUND Cancer survival is a key measure of the effectiveness of health-care systems. Persistent regional and international differences in survival represent many avoidable deaths. Differences in survival have prompted or guided cancer control strategies. This is the first study in a programme to investigate international survival disparities, with the(More)
AIM To investigate trends in bladder cancer incidence, mortality and survival, and cancer-control implications. METHODS South Australian Registry data were used to calculate age-standardized incidence and mortality rates from 1980 to 2004. Sociodemographic predictors of invasive as opposed to in situ disease were examined. Determinants of disease-specific(More)
BACKGROUND We investigate whether differences in breast cancer survival in six high-income countries can be explained by differences in stage at diagnosis using routine data from population-based cancer registries. METHODS We analysed the data on 257,362 women diagnosed with breast cancer during 2000-7 and registered in 13 population-based cancer(More)
Semmes-Weinstein monofilaments (SWM) are widely used to assess tactile point pressure sensitivity. However, the reliability of SWMs has been questioned, standardization of stimulus presentation procedures is lacking, and the sensitivity measure is commonly confounded by the response criterion. This study sought to assess the reliability of two versions of a(More)
Although the ability to taste is critical for ingestion, nutrition, and quality of life, a clear understanding of the influences of age, sex, and chorda tympani (CT) resection on taste function in different regions of the anterior tongue is generally lacking. In this study we employed criterion-free signal detection analysis to assess electric and chemical(More)
Populations of several species of gregarine parasites within a single host species, the damselfly Ischnura verticalis , were examined over the course of 1 season at 4 geographic localities separated by a maximum distance of 9.7 km. Gregarines, having a life cycle with both exogenous and endogenous stages, are subject to a wide variety of selective pressures(More)
Peripheral edema with painful erythema is an increasingly recognized but poorly understood cutaneous adverse reaction to the antifolate agent pemetrexed. It is frequently misdiagnosed as cellulitis, and when it occurs, it is often dose-limiting. The authors report the case of a patient with preexisting lower extremity edema who developed extensive painful,(More)