Elisabeth Glocker

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Monitoring information can be used during system runtime to increase system lifetime and reliability. Examples of such monitoring information are power or temperature values. They provide the system with relevant information about the current hardware health. In a resource-aware computing system, where resources are allocated according to current(More)
This contribution provides an approach for emulating the behaviour of an ASIC temperature monitoring system (TMon) during run-time for a tightly-coupled processor array (TCPA) of a heterogeneous invasive multi-tile architecture to be used for FPGA prototyping. It is based on a thermal RC modeling approach. Also different usage scenarios of TCPA are analyzed(More)
This paper presents an integrated and coordinated cross-layer sensing and optimization flow for distributed dark silicon management for tiled heterogeneous manycores under a critical temperature constraint. We target some of the key challenges in dark silicon for manycores, such as: directly focusing on power density/temperature instead of considering(More)
In this contribution the emulation of an ASIC temperature and power monitoring system (TPMon) for FPGA prototyping is presented and tested to control processor temperatures under different control targets and operating strategies. The approach for emulating the power monitor is based on an instruction-level energy model. For emulating the temperature(More)
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