Elisabeth Freeman

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Visual programming languages use graphics to visualize and aid in the understanding of programs. We describe the graph-ical techniques used in the MAP environment to visualize the workspace, data, programs and program executions. Meta information is one approach to supplementing the basic functionality provided in the visual programming environment. We(More)
T he dramatic growth of the World Wide Web (WWW) over the past year indicates its increasing value as a tool f o r information sharing among networked communities. As the Web has grown, the online availability of information relating to women in computing has steadily expanded. Recognizing both the potential value of this dispersed information and the lack(More)
As a female computer science educator, I've watched with growing alarm the drop in enrollment in our Computer Science programs from a ratio of 1:1 of males and females in 1983, to a current ratio of 5:1. The lack of interest of female students in Computer Science is still a very serious problem. As educators we should all be watching our own campus and(More)
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