Elisabeth Boulton

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BACKGROUND Over recent years a number of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have emerged aiming at falls prevention, falls detection and alarms for use in case of fall. There are also a range of ICT interventions, which have been created or adapted to be pro-active in preventing falls, such as those which provide strength and balance training(More)
BACKGROUND Recent Cochrane reviews on falls and fall prevention have shown that it is possible to prevent falls in older adults living in the community and in care facilities. Technologies aimed at fall detection, assessment, prediction and prevention are emerging, yet there has been no consistency in describing or reporting on interventions using(More)
Serious games (exergames) have the potential to be effective for postural balance and increasing muscle strength. Several games have been developed to increase physical fitness and balance among older adults. However, it is unclear to which degree usability and acceptability of exergames for older adults have been evaluated. The aim of this study was to(More)
Laryngotomy incisions for either staphylectomy, ventriculectomy, cordectomy, resection of the palatopharyngeal arch, or subepiglottal cyst removal, were closed primarily in 42 horses. Incisional complications were subcutaneous emphysema (11 horses, 26%), incisional discharge (4 horses, 10%), postoperative fever (4 horses, 10%), incisional abscessation (3(More)
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