Elisabeth Beckmann

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Given recent adverse developments, widespread foreign currency borrowing in CEECs poses a serious challenge for financial stability. Against this background, we use survey data to study the determinants of loan arrears of private households. Our data confirm a non-negligible impact of foreign currency loans on financial vulnerability. However, higher loan(More)
In the adult mammalian brain, neural stem cells in the subventricular zone continuously generate new neurons for the olfactory bulb. Cell fate commitment in these adult neural stem cells is regulated by cell fate-determining proteins. Here, we show that the cell fate-determinant TRIM32 is upregulated during differentiation of adult neural stem cells into(More)
  • Peter Mooslechner, Doris Ritzberger-Grünwald, +16 authors Angelika Knollmayer
  • 2013
Since 1999, residential property prices (henceforth simply referred to as house prices) in many Central, Eastern and Southeastern European (CESEE) EU countries have gone through a dramatic rise and a slump, often causing devastating effects on the real side as well as on the financial side of many economies in the region. A feature of many housing booms is(More)
Immunization of mice with phosphorylcholine (PC)-bearing Staphylococcus pneumoniae Type 2, strain 36a (R36a) results in both a PC-specific and a polyclonal increase in splenic plaque-forming cells. The polyclonal increase was observed in all strains tested, including those bearing an X-linked immune defect resulting in an undetectable anti-PC immune(More)
In mammals, new neurons are generated throughout the entire lifespan in two restricted areas of the brain, the dentate gyrus (DG) of the hippocampus and the subventricular zone (SVZ)-olfactory bulb (OB) system. In both regions newborn neurons display unique properties that clearly distinguish them from mature neurons. Enhanced excitability and increased(More)
It has been demonstrated in the preceding report (Bach, M. A., Beckmann, E. and Levitt, D., Eur. J. Immunol. 1984. 14: 589) that phosphorylcholine (PC) on the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae R36a stimulated polyclonal as well as anti-PC plaque-forming cells (PFC) in mouse spleen in vivo. In this study, red blood cells from BALB/c mice (MRBC) were either(More)
When peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL) were stimulated in vitro with the rough form of type 2 Streptococcus pneumoniae R36a, the resulting plaque-forming cells (PFC) did not produce antibodies directed against phosphorylcholine, a major antigenic determinant of the cell wall C-polysaccharide. Instead, R36a stimulated polyclonal PFC in PBL and splenic(More)
According to Nobel laureate Kenneth Arrow, trust is an asset. “Without trust, cooperations break down, financing breaks down and investment stops. [...] if there is no trust, there is no progress” (Arrow, 1972). Sapienza and Zingales (2012) present survey evidence for the U.S.A. showing that the global recession following the collapse of Lehman Brothers was(More)