Elisabeth A. M. van de Kar

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The mobile telecommunications industry is undergoing a rapid change, which is increasing the interdependency of firms in the sector. This trend increases the likelihood that mobile information and entertainment services will be delivered through inter-organisational networks of firms. These networks are the topic of this research. In particular we examine(More)
Delft University of Technology and the mobile operator T-Mobile organized a Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS) testbed at Delft, the Netherlands. A mobile information & entertainment service for campus visitors, called 'MIES on the campus', was designed in one of the projects on this testbed. This service was considered as a service system(More)
The advances in mobile technology, such as ultra wideband (UWB), enable the use of advanced applications in the process industry. The main challenge in the first phase of designing UWB networks and applications is getting to know what the process industry, i.e. the potential customer, wants. In this paper we present how we applied a user requirements(More)
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