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Four cases are described of Aerococcus viridans endocarditis with favorable outcome, focusing on the clinical picture. Extracardiac findings (e.g. neurological, renal, musculoskeletal, intra-abdominal) in infective endocarditis (IE) have been recognized more frequently in recent years, and may delay the diagnosis and have a negative influence on the(More)
Endocarditis still carries a poor prognosis despite improvement in preventive strategies and advances in diagnosis and also in treatment. Epidemiology of infective endocarditis (IE) has changed in late years. Contemporary antibiotic overuse determines antibiotic resistance against microorganisms involved in IE. Prophylaxis principles have been changed and(More)
Background Often a patient with prolonged fever requires a complex medical approach involving several medical specialties and extensive laboratory investigations. Case report We report the case of a 32 year male who presented for prolonged febrile syndrome about 2 months, chills and discreet urinary symptoms, initially interpreted to be a chronic(More)
In 2013, in the National Institute for Infectious Diseases “Prof. Dr. Matei Balş” Bucharest has been applied postexposure guidelines in 112 cases of occupational exposure to blood and other biological products and was not registered any cases of HIV transmission. A 22 year old, young police-officer presented in our service for human bite wounds, resulting(More)
Results 18 patients met the inclusion criteria for the studied period, representing 40% of the patients with potentially invasive fungal infections. The majority of patients were male, and the average age was 44 years. Only 2 of the patients apparently were not immunocompromised, the other 16 presenting HIV infection or fungal infections risk factors. The(More)
A1 The outcome of patients with recurrent versus non-recurrent pneumococcal meningitis in a tertiary health-care hospital in Bucharest Cristian-Mihail Niculae, Eliza Manea, Raluca Jipa, Simona Merisor, Ruxandra Moroti, Serban Benea, Adriana Hristea National Institute for Infectious Diseases “Prof. Dr. Matei Balș”, Bucharest, Romania; Carol Davila University(More)
Case report We present the case of a 41 year-old male, diagnosed with syphilitic encephalitis, in whom cerebral magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated preponderant involvement of bilateral temporal lobes, for this point of view raising differential diagnostic concerns with Herpes virus encephalitis. We also identified multiple encephalitis foci:(More)
The treatment of extra pulmonary tuberculosis in HIV infected patients experienced to antiretroviral therapy raises major issues of adherence, drug interactions, side effects and limited antiretroviral alternatives. This is the case of a 24 year old woman from countryside, most probably infected in 1989. She was diagnosed with HIV infection in 2000 after(More)