Elisabeta Otilia Benea

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Four cases are described of Aerococcus viridans endocarditis with favorable outcome, focusing on the clinical picture. Extracardiac findings (e.g. neurological, renal, musculoskeletal, intra-abdominal) in infective endocarditis (IE) have been recognized more frequently in recent years, and may delay the diagnosis and have a negative influence on the(More)
Endocarditis still carries a poor prognosis despite improvement in preventive strategies and advances in diagnosis and also in treatment. Epidemiology of infective endocarditis (IE) has changed in late years. Contemporary antibiotic overuse determines antibiotic resistance against microorganisms involved in IE. Prophylaxis principles have been changed and(More)
Objective: to describe clinical and laboratory characteristics ; to assess predictors for death in HIV-infected patients with Kaposi sarcoma (KS). We performed a retrospective study of HIV-infected patients diagnosed with KS in one infectious diseases hospital in Romania, between January 2008-November 2013. KS diagnosis was established on physical(More)
The HIV/AIDS infection is an important public health problem in Romania. The aim of this study was to evaluate the main muco-cutaneous manifestations and their frequency in patients with HIV infection/AIDS in Romania. The study was performed beginning 1988 among 400 patients with HIV infection/AIDS who attended Scarlat The patients were clinically examined;(More)
The management of the meningitis with C. neoformans raises many problems: the choosing of the appropriate antifungal therapy, the prevention and/or the control of the complications, the correct management of the anti-retroviral therapy. We report two cases with HIV infection same immu-nological and clinical stage, the first of them with relatively recent(More)
In 2013, in the National Institute for Infectious Diseases " Prof. Dr. Matei Balş " Bucharest has been applied post-exposure guidelines in 112 cases of occupational exposure to blood and other biological products and was not registered any cases of HIV transmission. A 22 year old, young police-officer presented in our service for human bite wounds,(More)