Elisabet Golobardes

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Case memory maintenance in a Case-Based Reasoning system is important for two main reasons: (1) to control the case memory size; (2) to reduce irrelevant and redundant instances that may produce inconsistencies in the Case-Based Reasoning system. In this paper we present two approaches based on deletion policies to the maintenance of case memories. The(More)
One of the main goals in prevention of cutaneous melanoma is early diagnosis and surgical excision. Dermatologists work in order to define the different skin lesion types based on dermatoscopic features to improve early detection. We propose a method called SOMEX with the aim of helping experts to improve the characterization of dermatoscopic melanoma(More)
Early work on case based reasoning reported in the literature shows the importance of case base maintenance for successful practical systems. Different criteria to the maintenance task have been used for more than half a century. In this paper we present different sort out techniques for case base maintenance. All the sort out techniques proposed are based(More)