Elisa de la Torre

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The 74-kDa intermediate chains (IC74) of the cytoplasmic dynein complex are believed to be involved in the association of dynein with membranous organelles. While each dynein molecule is thought to have two or three IC74 subunits, at least six different IC74 protein isoforms were found in dynein from brain. Therefore we investigated the relationships of the(More)
Dynamin 1 (D100) is a microtubule-activated GTPase that is believed to play a role in the early steps of receptor-mediated endocytosis. Previous studies on the characterization of the Drosophila dynamin gene homolog, known as shibire, suggest that this protein may also participate in the formation of neuronal processes. To understand the role of rat brain(More)
Cytoplasmic dynein is the microtubule minus-end-directed motor for the retrograde axonal transport of membranous organelles. Because of its similarity to the intermediate chains of flagellar dynein, the 74-kDa intermediate chain (IC74) subunit of dynein is thought to be involved in binding dynein to its membranous organelle cargo. Previously, we identified(More)
BACKGROUND to investigate the suicide phenomenon among the elderly (people aged 65 and over) in the Italian provinces of Novara and Verbania, in the time span between January 1990 and December 2000, in order to evaluate if the characteristics of the suicide behaviour correlate to the place of living with particular attention to the psychosocial factors. (More)
The aim of the present work is to assess the personality traits of young basketball players aged 16-18 years (n=186) through the description of the dimensions and sub-dimension from the Big Five Questionnaire (BFQ) regarding personality. This was a non-experimental study in which a descriptive transversal design was used. The results that were obtained(More)
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