Elisa Vallius

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Due to often large variation in traits within and between populations, taxonomy of orchid species is problematic. In this study, we aim to assess the probability of sympatric speciation in mixed populations of nectarless Dactylorhiza incarnata varieties (incarnata, ochroleuca and cruenta). We conducted morphological, phenological and ecological measurements(More)
The roles of herbivory and pollination success in plant reproduction have frequently been examined, but interactions between these two factors have gained much less attention. In three field experiments, we examined whether artificial defoliation affects allocation to attractiveness to pollinators, pollen production, female reproductive success and(More)
Dactylorhiza orchids are known for their high variation in morphology and distinct varieties have been named in D. incarnata s.l. However, it is not known how these varieties interact in mixed populations and why they remain stable. We conducted three field experiments in West-Estonian populations of D. incarnata to examine if the two most common varieties(More)
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