Elisa T. Sena

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In the wet season, a large portion of the Amazon region constitutes one of the most pristine continental areas, with very low concentrations of atmospheric trace gases and aerosol particles. However, land use change modifies the biosphere-atmosphere interactions in such a way that key processes that maintain the functioning of Amazonia are substantially(More)
We consider the dynamics of cargo driven by a collection of interacting molecular motors in the context of an asymmetric simple exclusion processes (ASEP). The model is formulated to account for i) excluded volume interactions, ii) the observed asymmetry of the stochastic movement of individual motors and iii) interactions between motors and cargo. Items(More)
A new methodology was developed for obtaining daily retrievals of the direct radiative forcing of aerosols (24h-DARF) at the top of the atmosphere (TOA) using satellite remote sensing. Simultaneous CERES (Clouds and Earth’s Radiant Energy System) shortwave flux at the top of the atmosphere and MODIS (Moderate Resolution Spectroradiometer) aerosol optical(More)
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