Elisa Roncari

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To develop a socially based model of anxiety, the contextual fear conditioning properties of social defeat were examined in rats. Social threat consisted of exposing intruders to aggressive residents in resident home cage, separated by a partition. During 3 daily encounters, intruders were either defeated or threatened by residents, providing the(More)
The application of bioactive ceramic coatings to prostheses confers strength to a material (ceramic or biological glass) that exerts beneficial effects on bone-tissue growth but that itself lacks the toughness and stability required of an implant device. The rate of bioactivity is related to the chemical reactivity of the material and causes interface(More)
An approach to the production of ceramic drug delivery devices is proposed. Two examples of possible ceramics are dealt with: hydroxyapatite weakly modifiable by living tissue and the bioinert alumina. The possibility to control the formed porosity was taken into consideration for both materials. The ratio between the acquired porosity and the quantity and(More)
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