Elisa Quintarelli

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Context-aware systems are pervading everyday life, therefore context modeling is becoming a relevant issue and an expanding research field. This survey has the goal to provide a comprehensive evaluation framework, allowing application designers to compare context models with respect to a given target application; in particular we stress the analysis of(More)
The widespread use of mobile appliances, with limitations in terms of storage, power, and connectivity capability, requires to minimize the amount of data to be loaded on user's devices, in order to quickly select only the information that is really relevant for the users in their current contexts: in such a scenario, specific methodologies and techniques(More)
Extracting information from semistructured documents is a very hard task, and is going to become more and more critical as the amount of digital information available on the Internet grows. Indeed, documents are often so large that the data set returned as answer to a query may be too big to convey interpretable knowledge. In this paper, we describe an(More)
This paper presents a methodology to derive views over a relational database by applying a sequence of appropriately defined operations to the global schema. Such tailoring and composition process aims at offering personalized views over the database schema, so as to improve its ability to support the new needs of customers, support evolutionary software(More)
XML is a rather verbose representation of semistructured data, which may require huge amounts of storage space. We propose a summarized representation of XML data, based on the concept of instance pattern, which can both provide succinct information and be directly queried. The physical representation of instance patterns exploits itemsets or association(More)
The amount and variety of data available electronically has dramatically increased in the last decade; however, data and documents are stored in different ways and do not usually show their internal structure. In order to take full advantage of the topological structure of digital documents, and particularly web sites, their hierarchical organization should(More)
Current applications are often forced to filter the richness of datasources in order to reduce the information noise the user is subject to. We consider this aspect as a critical issue of applications, to be factorized at the data management level. The Context-ADDICT system, leveraging on ontology-based context and domain models, is able to personalize the(More)
The large volume and nature of data available to the casual users and programs motivate the increasing interest of the database community in studying flexible and efficient techniques for extracting and querying semistructured data. On the other hand, efficient methods have been discovered for solving the so-called model-checking problem for some modal(More)