Elisa Pojer

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Because cancer of the male breast is rare knowledge about its biology and behavior is essentially due to a compilation of pooled experiences. Hence, a continued report of cases appears to be important. Therefore a retrospective review of patients suffering from male breast cancer was carried out. Twenty-four evaluable cases were analyzed. Eight patients (1(More)
Although the composition of strawberry fruit has been extensively studied, especially for the most abundant phenolic compounds, agrimoniin has never been univocally identified as one of the most abundant phenolic compounds in the fruit. In this study agrimoniin was isolated in the fruit of Fragaria vesca and its structure characterized. Furthermore, its(More)
Ellagitannins and ellagic acid conjugates are polyphenols present in the human diet, in particular strawberries (Fragaria spp.). The first aim of this study was isolation and structural characterization of casuarictin and 3-O-methyl ellagic acid 3'-O-α-rhamnopyranoside, which were found to be abundant in Fragaria spp., along with agrimoniin. The second aim(More)
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