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The aim of this research was to test the correctness of response of a superoxide dismutase amperometric biosensor used for the purpose of measuring and ranking the total antioxidant capacity of several systematically analysed mixed berries. Several methods are described in the literature for determining antioxidant capacity, each culminating in the(More)
High variability in patients' changes in 6 minute walk distance (6MWD) over time has complicated clinical trials of treatment efficacy in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). We assessed whether boys with DMD could be grouped into classes that shared similar ambulatory function trajectories as measured by 6MWD. Ambulatory boys aged 5 years or older with(More)
Following the success of electronic noses in a variety of applications related to many areas such as industrial, medical, environmental, spatial, etc. where the objective was to construct chemical images of volatile compounds including odors, here we introduce another system able to perform chemical images of liquids of different origin, quality, and(More)
Very few studies have investigated early neurodevelopmental and motor aspects in preschool boys affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This is mainly due to the age at diagnosis which is still on average above the age of four years. Although the first signs of concern can often be backdated to the second year of age, when DMD children show some signs of(More)
A sensor array based on potentiometric metallic sensors has been developed and applied for the analysis of different types of vinegar. Cu, Sn, Fe, Al, brass and stainless steel wires have been included in a multisensor array and supplemented by a pH glass electrode. The metallic "electronic tongue" successfully discriminates various types of vinegar: white,(More)
The aim of the present work was to experimentally evaluate the total antioxidant capacity of different commercially available pharmaceutical integrators based on vitamin E, astaxanthin, resveratrol and blueberry using the traditional DMPD-FeCl3 spectrophotometric method and the ORAC spectrofluorimetric method, largely discussed and described in literature(More)
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