Elisa Manzanares

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BACKGROUND Glutaminase is expressed in most mammalian tissues and cancer cells, but the regulation of its expression is poorly understood. An essential step to accomplish this goal is the characterization of its species- and cell-specific isoenzyme pattern of expression. Our aim was to identify and characterize transcript variants of the mammalian(More)
The pattern of expression of glutaminase isoenzymes in tumour cells has been investigated to clarify its role in the malignant transformation and the prospect of its use as a clinically relevant factor. Using leukaemia cells from medullar blood of human patients and several established human cancer cell lines, we have developed a competitive RT (reverse(More)
The optical excitation spectra of sulfuric acid aerosols were investigated in the ultraviolet region. The aerosols were formed from the CzH4 + O3 + SOz reaction in O2 in a flow tube. Emissions at wavelengths longer than the excitation wavelength were observed. The relative aerosol concentration was monitored by the scattered light intensity a t the same(More)
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