Elisa López-Loeza

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Melatonin reduces pyramidal neuronal death in the hippocampus and prevents the impairment of place learning and memory in the Morris water maze, otherwise occurring following global cerebral(More)
Hippocampal theta activity, which is strongly modulated by the septal medial/Broca׳s diagonal band neurons, has been linked to information processing of the hippocampus. Serotonin from the medial(More)
The differential characteristics of absolute power in the EEG theta (4–8 Hz) and gamma (30–45 Hz) frequency bands have been analysed in young (18–25 years old, n = 14) and mature adults (45–65 years(More)
Hippocampal theta activity is the result of the concerted activity of a group of nuclei located in the brain stem and the caudal diencephalic area, which are together referred to as the synchronizing(More)
Global cerebral ischemia induces alterations of working memory, as evidenced in the eight-arm radial maze, in the absence of significant changes of pyramidal neuron population in the prefrontal(More)
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