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When will customers care about service failures that happened to strangers? The role of personal similarity and regulatory focus and its implication on service evaluation
Abstract This paper examines an interesting research question: how does a service failure that happen to a stranger customer influence an observing customer's service evaluation? Drawing on theExpand
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Patient-reported Long-term Cosmetic Outcomes Following Short Fractionation Whole Breast Radiotherapy With Boost
Objectives:To evaluate the cosmetic effect of a tumor-bed boost after hypofractionated whole breast irradiation (HF-WBI+B) using a patient-reported questionnaire. Materials and Methods:Between 2000Expand
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Designing and Developing Questionnaires for Translation Tutorial
Problem: Questionnaires are a popular method used by global companies to gain understanding or assess various aspects of their businesses. However, using a questionnaire across cultures requiresExpand
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Boston Hospitality Review: Winter 2019
TABLE OF CONTENTS: "Training: The Necessity of Error Management Training in the Hospitality Industry" by Priyanko Guchait; "Trends: Green Hotels: An Overview" by Minu Agarwal and Prashant Das;Expand
"Only Time will Tell: The Dynamics of LMX, Job Performance, and Justice"
Although it has been argued that LMX is a dynamic construct, the existing LMX literature is largely cross-sectional in nature. Yet, there is a great need for unraveling the developmental aspects ofExpand
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Not Merely a Matter of Drawing Arrows: The Empirical Consequences of Measurement Model Specification
As the use of multiple-item measures become more prevalent in management and social science research, researchers begin to explore the efficiency and accuracy of the different types of measurementExpand
Not Merely a Matter of Drawing Arrows: The Empirical Consequences of Measurement Model Specification and Recommendations for Practice
Understanding measurement model specification is especially important for hospitality research due to its cross-disciplinary nature and the prevalence of measures used in the field which are oftenExpand