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BACKGROUND Standard treatment for patients with primary CNS lymphoma remains to be defined. Active therapies are often associated with increased risk of haematological or neurological toxicity. In(More)
BACKGROUND To investigate prognosis and effects of first-line therapy in elderly primary central nervous system lymphoma (PCNSL) patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS A systematic review of studies about(More)
BACKGROUND The International Extranodal Lymphoma Study Group-32 (IELSG32) trial is an international randomised phase 2 study that addresses two key clinical questions in the treatment of patients(More)
presented at the plenary session of 13-ICML. P. W. Johnson1, M. Federico2, A. Fossa3, M. O’Doherty4, T. Roberts5, L. Stevens5, P. Smith5, A. A. Kirkwood5, G. Sidra6, J. Trotman7, L. Berkhan8, F. A.(More)
The Nordic Lymphoma Group has conducted a phase ll trial in newly diagnosed primary central nervous system lymphoma patients applying an age-adjusted multi-agent immunochemotherapy regimen, which in(More)
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