Elisa Fredericks

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The appearance of tremors in patients with childhood, chronic spinal muscular atrophy has been known for years. We were struck by the presence of a "muscle tremor" artifact in the ECGs of all our patients with this diagnosis. This observation has not been noted previously. The consistency of this finding in patients with this disease is the basis for this(More)
One hundred patients with motor unit disease were examined to determine the diagnostc reliability of several clinical signs of large motor units. These signs were high-intensity, low-pitched rumbling on skeletal muscle auscultation, voluntary contraction fasciculations, contraction fasciculation trembling, and palpable contraction fasciculations. Among 22(More)
At the 2000 and 2001 Product Development & Management (PDMA) International Conferences, we noticed that companies promoting information management support systems for product development processes occupied a large number of the vendor booths. Different systems included different types of information (project management, customer, market, financial, etc.),(More)
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