Elisa Fait

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To understand the nature of age-related changes in enumeration abilities we measured two ERP responses -N2pc and CDA, associated respectively to attentive individuation and VWM- and posterior alpha band (8-15 Hz) event-related desynchronization (ERD), traditionally linked to enhanced target processing. Two groups of old and young participants enumerated a(More)
Theories on neural compensation suggest that aged participants overactivate the brain areas involved in a task to compensate for the age-related decline. In this electrophysiological study, we investigated the temporal locus of neural overactivation in aging during multiple target processing. We measured performance and three event-related brain potential(More)
We assessed the functioning of attention when multiple relevant objects are intermingled with multiple distractors, measuring two electrophysiological subcomponents of the N2pc that have been associated, respectively, with target selection and distractor suppression: the target negativity (Nt) and the distractor positivity (Pd). To this aim, we orthogonally(More)
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