Elisa Di Rosa

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BACKGROUND Several studies have investigated the interaction between motivation and cognition in both young and older adults, but with inconsistent results. A recent hypothesis suggests exploring the role of dopamine to study this interaction. AIMS To explore how different motivational states can modulate cognitive control, as well as investigate the(More)
Recent researches reported behavioral and emotional impairment in Parkinson's disease (PD), even in the earliest stages. This impairment affects also decision-making and learning processes. The Iowa gambling task (IGT) is commonly used to examine the decision-making capacity. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the neural correlates of(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS This study explores the effective outcomes of a structured cognitive stimulation treatment to improve cognition and behavioral symptoms in people with dementia (PWDs), using a randomized controlled clinical trial. METHODS THIRTY PWDS WERE DIVIDED INTO THREE GROUPS: experimental (treated with cognitive stimulation), placebo (treated with(More)
IN THIS STUDY WE EVALUATED RELIABILITY AND VALIDITY OF THE AUTOMATIC COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT DELIVERY (ACAD): a short computerized battery composed by memory and attention tests, delivered online, and designed primarily for the elderly. Reliability was examined with a test-retest design and validity was assessed by means of comparison with standard(More)
Recent studies have described brain involvement, mainly at frontal level, in patients with spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy (SBMA), a rare adult-onset motor neuron disease caused by a CAG repeat in the androgen receptor (AR) gene. The aim of our research was to investigate the poorly characterized neuropsychological and psychological profile of these(More)
Previous reports documented abnormalities in cognitive functions and decision-making (DM) in patients with chronic pain, but these changes are not consistent across studies. Reasons for these discordant findings might include the presence of confounders, variability in chronic pain conditions, and the use of different cognitive tests. The present study was(More)
Alcuni studi sembrano mostrare che i meccanismi di selezione ed inibizione nell'attenzione selettiva siano cross modali, e si estendano oltre l'ambito della percezione (Wolfe, 2003; Cherubini segnala quale delle due regole applicare (" regola rilevante ") al successivo stimolo trigger. L'altra regola (" irrilevante ") deve essere ignorata. Le risposte al(More)
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