Elisa Destefanis

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Neuroblastoma (NB), the most common and deadly extracranial solid tumour of childhood, represents a challenging in paediatric oncology. Soluble tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (sTRAIL) is a cancer cell-specific molecule exerting remarkable anti-tumour activities against paediatric malignancies both in vitro and in preclinical(More)
Many different aberrations in the Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (ALK) were found to be oncogenic drivers in several cancers including neuroblastoma (NB), therefore ALK is now considered a critical player in NB oncogenesis and a promising therapeutic target. The ALK-inhibitor crizotinib has a limited activity against the various ALK mutations identified in NB(More)
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