Elisa Calistri

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In this study wild type Nicotiana langsdorffii plants were genetically transformed by the insertion of the rat gene (gr) encoding the glucocorticoid receptor or the rolC gene and exposed to water and heat stress. Water stress was induced for 15 days by adding 20% PEG 6000 in the growth medium, whereas the heat treatment was performed at 50 °C for 2 h, after(More)
Nucleotide distributions in genomes is known not to be random, showing the presence of specific motifs, long and short range correlations, periodicities, etc. Particularly, motifs are critical for the recognition by specific proteins affecting chromosome organization, transcription and DNA replication but little is known about the possible functional(More)
The present study reports evidence of the pleiotropic effects caused by the insertion of the rat glucocorticoid receptor (GR) into the genome of Nicotiana langsdorffii. Transgenic N. langsdorffii-GR plants and the wild-type genotypes were analysed for their phenotypic and physiological characteristics. The integration of the GR gene affected flowering,(More)
A vast literature is nowadays devoted to the search of correlations between transcription related functions and the composition of sequences upstream the Transcription Start Site. Little is known about the possible functional effects of nucleotide distributions on the conformational landscape of DNA in such regions. We have used suitable statistical(More)
In this paper we perform a genome-wide analysis of H. sapiens promoters. To this aim, we developed and combined two mathematical methods that allow us to (i) classify promoters into groups characterized by specific global structural features, and (ii) recover, in full generality, any regular sequence in the different classes of promoters. One of the main(More)
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