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The occurrence and risk factors of severe hypoglycemic attacks were analyzed during a 4-year study in a group of children and adolescents who received human insulin and followed a multiple daily injection regimen (three or four injections per day); 29 patients experienced severe hypoglycemia at least once in 4 years. Of these, 13 suffered recurrent(More)
BACKGROUND UVB radiation is the major etiological factor in the pathogenesis of skin aging and cancer development. New approaches to prevent and reverse UVB damage are needed to reduce sunlight-induced skin cancer. This study aimed to investigate a possible protective activity of liquorice root extracts glycyrrhizin (GL), 18β-glycyrrhetinic acid (18β-GA)(More)
School-age students spend much of their time in school buildings. The sustainability of these buildings should be a priority as better comfort with a high indoor air quality contributes to an improvement in the conditions for learning. Although new school buildings are often built with high standards of sustainability and energy efficiency, the existing(More)
BACKGROUND Previous in vivo studies performed in our laboratories demonstrated that anti-malarial drugs may or enhance or slow down Ehrlich's ascites tumour progression in infected mice. In the light of these observations, an in vitro study was undertaken to assess the response of human tumour cells to various anti-malarial drugs and consequently the safety(More)
BACKGROUND Microparticles are used for controlled drug delivery. With the aim of improving both bioavailability and tamoxifen selective toxicity, the activity of tamoxifen embedded in calcium alginate/chitosan microparticles was studied. MATERIALS AND METHODS Tamoxifen alone and embedded in microparticles prepared with sodium alginate from Kelco (62%(More)
BACKGROUND Mepacrine is an antiproliferative agent, characterised by an aliphatic chain similar to that of natural polyamines whose activation is closely associated with cell proliferation and may lead to malignant transformation and neurodegenerative diseases. This study aims to investigate a possible antagonism between mepacrine and polyamines in tumour(More)
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