Elisa Boari de Lima

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— Parameter setting of Evolutionary Algorithms is a time consuming task with two main approaches: parameter tuning and parameter control. In this work we describe a new methodology for tuning parameters of Genetic Programming algorithms using factorial designs, one-factor designs and multiple linear regression. Our experiments show that factorial designs(More)
In this paper, we propose an interactive visualization called VERMONT which tackles the problem of visualizing mutations and infers their possible effects on the conservation of physicochemical and topological properties in protein families. More specifically, we visualize a set of structure-based sequence alignments and integrate several structural(More)
As increasingly more genomes are sequenced, the vast majority of proteins may only be annotated computationally, given experimental investigation is extremely costly. This highlights the need for computational methods to determine protein functions quickly and reliably. We believe dividing a protein family into subtypes which share specific functions(More)
When multiple data sources are available for clustering, an a priori data integration process is usually required. This process may be costly and may not lead to good clusterings, since important information is likely to be discarded. In this paper we propose constrained clustering as a strategy for integrating data sources without losing any information.(More)
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