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CONTEXT Mutations in TSH receptor (TSHR) are notoriously associated with congenital hypothyroidism as well as with non-autoimmune subclinical hypothyroidism, a mild form of TSH resistance that is not as well characterized by diagnostic procedures. OBJECTIVE The genetic analysis of the TSHR gene was performed to determine the prevalence of TSHR gene(More)
Developmental syndromes are characterized by numerous phenotypical signs and malformations. In most of them such as Turner, Noonan, Prader-Willi, Silver-Russel, Williams, Kabuki, Leri-Weill syndrome and skeletal dysplasias, short stature is a common feature. Growth defect is very often related to a defect in cellular growth, but some unknown abnormality in(More)
BACKGROUND Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome is characterized by a combination of clinical-radiological findings and pathophysiologically by localized brain vasogenic edema. Many clinical illnesses may trigger the onset of posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome and hypertension is present in about 80% of patients. METHODS We describe a(More)
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