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Persistent testicular structural and functional alterations after exposure of adult rats to atrazine.
Atrazine is an endocrine disruptor affecting testicular steroidogenesis, and promoting testicular atrophy and 3β-HSD reduction. However, it remains unknown whether these effects are reversible orExpand
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Morphology of the tongue of Vermilingua (Xenarthra: Pilosa) and evolutionary considerations
The tongue of anteaters (Xenarthra, Pilosa, Vermilingua) is a highly specialized for myrmecophagy. Here, we describe the topography and histology of the tongue, and compare it to that of otherExpand
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Atrazine affects the morphophysiology, tissue homeostasis and aromatase expression in the efferent ductules of adult rats with mild alterations in the ventral prostate.
The widely used herbicide atrazine is a potent endocrine disruptor known to cause increased aromatase expression and transient increase in testicular weight followed by remarkable testis atrophy.Expand
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Retinoic acid-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles surrounded by chitosan film support diabetic wound healing in in vivo study.
Repair of tissue damaged in diabetic wounds is essential to minimize the cases of amputation of the limbs in millions of diabetic people around the world. Although the all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA)Expand
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Ion Pair Strategy in Solid Lipid Nanoparticles: a Targeted Approach to Improve Epidermal Targeting with Controlled Adapalene Release, Resulting Reduced Skin Irritation
Adapalene (AD) is one of the main retinoids used in the topical therapy of acne, an extremely common skin disease usually associated with psychological morbidity. However, like other retinoids, AD isExpand