Eliot Slater

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Since the classic descriptions of the course of bipolar and recurrent depressive forms of manic-depressive illness by Emil Kraepelin a century ago, it has been considered a truism that the rate of cycling increases, and wellness intervals shorten, with rising counts of recurrences, particularly early in the natural history of the illness. Less well known is(More)
siastic about it. The Atlas will no doubt find its way into a great many libraries and laboratories, but I doubt if it will be consulted often. This book lives up to the high standard of the Contemporary Neurology series. It is a sound and diverse exposition of the subject of dementia and despite the numbers of contributors there is very little repetition.(More)
1539 Background: Demand for hereditary cancer risk assessment has increased dramatically in the past decade. However, the population seeking risk assessment for GI cancers is heterogeneous, requiring primary (PP), secondary (SP), and tertiary (TP) prevention strategies. In an effort to improve targeting of prevention resources, we examined clinical cancer(More)
Papers are accepted on the clear understanding that the subject matter has not been and wlIl not be published in a separate journal. Papers should deal with original matter and the discussion should be limited to relevant questions. Contributions should be as concise as possible and a short summary of conclusions should accompany each paper. Manuscripts(More)