Eliot Slater

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Anatomical and functional studies show that the hypothalamus is at the junction of mechanisms involved in the exploratory appraisal phase of behaviour and mechanisms involved in the execution of specific consummatory acts. However, the hypothalamus is also a crucial link in endocrine regulation. In natural settings it has been shown that behavioural(More)
Since the classic descriptions of the course of bipolar and recurrent depressive forms of manic-depressive illness by Emil Kraepelin a century ago, it has been considered a truism that the rate of cycling increases, and wellness intervals shorten, with rising counts of recurrences, particularly early in the natural history of the illness. Less well known is(More)
AIMS To investigate variation within the cag pathogenicity island (PAI) of Helicobacter pylori isolated from patients with dyspepsia in mid-Essex, and to evaluate the effect on expression of anti-CagA antibody. METHODS Sixty two isolates of H pylori cultured from gastric biopsies were screened by specific PCR assays for the presence of cagA and other gene(More)
siastic about it. The Atlas will no doubt find its way into a great many libraries and laboratories, but I doubt if it will be consulted often. This book lives up to the high standard of the Contemporary Neurology series. It is a sound and diverse exposition of the subject of dementia and despite the numbers of contributors there is very little repetition.(More)
  • Richard F E Sutcliie, Donie O, Sullivan Bronwyn, E A Slater, Tom Brehony
  • 1994
Distributed patterns can be used to represent word meanings in a fashion which is both expressive and computationally tractable. We present here a method for extracting such patterns automatically from the Princeton WordNet. The algorithm is a reenement of earlier methods and works for both nouns and verbs. The result is a large lexicon of word senses which(More)
  • Duggan De, Yeh Kc, +86 authors Roth M
  • 2002
Dual uses of corticosteroids in treatment of cancer Adebodun F, Post JF. 19F NMR studies of changes in membrane potential and intracellular volume during dexamethasone-induced apoptosis in human leukemic cell lines. Glucocorticoid-induced apoptotic pathways in eosinophils: comparison with glucocorticoid-sensitive leukemia cells. apoptosis of human leukemic(More)
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