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Simultaneous measurements of load, deformation and diameter were performed on stretched collagen fiber bundle from rat tail tendon using a dynamic, electronically controlled stretch system and a novel computer based electroptical set-up. A parallel analysis of glycosaminoglycan (GAG) concentration in the bathing solution was carried out to determine whether(More)
We present, compare and contrast new directions in long term digital preservation as covered by the four large Eu-ropean Community funded research projects that started in 2011. The new projects widen the domain of digital preservation from the traditional purview of memory institutions preserving documents to include scenarios such as health-care, data(More)
The Future Internet is required to be fast, flexible and ever-responsive to demands from both humans and machines. It is evolving as an Internet of services, things, and infrastructure and the European Commission is supporting research projects that are contributing to its evolution. Among the others, VISION Cloud and Cloudwave are two interesting examples(More)
  • E. Barta, D. Adam, E. Salant, Prof. S. Sideman
  • 1987
This study is part of our attempt to develop a fast-responding interactive computer simular of the left ventricle (LV) which describes the spatial and temporal myocardial characteristics and the global performance of the LV, accounting for the continuous interactions between the electrical activation sequence, fiber mechanics, blood perfusion and transmural(More)
Cost savings are frequently mentioned as the main driver for cloud computing due to reduced CapEx and OpEx through consolidated data centers, reduced HW/SW investments and IT staffing. Generating new revenues and business through offering cloud-based services are more seldom discussed. When addressing the former cost savings, methodologies like TCO (Total(More)
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