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Long-term heparin treatment causes osteoporosis through, an as yet, undefined mechanism. To investigate this phenomenon and to determine the relative benefits of low-molecular-weight heparin (LMWH) use, we treated rats with once daily subcutaneous injections of either unfractionated heparin (1.0 U/g or 0.5 U/g), the LMWH, Tinzaparin (1.0 U/g or 0.5 U/g), or(More)
[1] We present adaptive optics data from the Keck telescope, taken while the Huygens probe descended through Titan's atmosphere and on the days following touchdown. No probe entry signal was detected. Our observations span a solar phase angle range from 0.05° up to 0.8°, with the Sun in the west. Contrary to expectations, the east side of Titan's(More)
Three children in a West African family had Gaucher's disease of juvenile onset (Type 3), and all showed an identical neurological disorder. The diagnosis was substantiated by histochemical demonstration of Gaucher cells in bone marrow, liver, and spleen, the finding of an excess of glucosyl ceramides in a liver extract, and a deficient activity of the(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The detection of asymptomatic embolization with the use of Doppler ultrasound has a number of potential applications in patients with acute stroke. It may provide information on the stroke pathogenesis in individual cases, identify patients with continued embolization, and allow localization of the active embolic source. METHODS We(More)
BACKGROUND Heparin and direct thrombin inhibitors, such as hirudin, have limitations in the treatment of acute coronary syndromes. Heparin does not inactivate fibrin-bound thrombin, whereas hirudin fails to block thrombin generation. In contrast, Vasoflux is a novel anticoagulant that inactivates fibrin-bound thrombin and attenuates factor Xa generation. (More)
Chronic deficiency of growth hormone was produced in rats by injecting highly specific antibodies against rat somatotropin during the first week of postnatal life. Antisera were prepared by immunizing adult rhesus monkeys with purified rat growth hormone. The rate of body and brain growth was significantly decreased when compared with controls injected with(More)
SUMMARY The early part of the frontal plane QRS loop (Frank lead system) was analyzed in 100 consecutive patients with an old inferior myocardial infarction. In order to be included in this study, all cases had to fulfill, at some time, Myers' classical ECG criteria for the diagnosis. The vectorcardiogram was made months to years after the patient's(More)
CONTEXT Orofacial and dental trauma continues to be a commonly encountered issue for the sports medicine team. All sports have some risk for dental injury, but "contact sports" presumably incur more risk. Immediate evaluation and proper management of the most common injuries to dentition can result in saving or restoration of tooth structure. Despite the(More)
The transverse plane QRS loop vectorcardiogram (VCG) was analyzed in 102 consecutive patients, angiographically proven to have coronary artery disease (CAD), whose right anterior oblique left ventriculogram showed severe asynergy (akinesis or marked hypokinesis) of the anterior and apical segments. Eighty-four of the 102 loops were considered to be(More)