Elio Sabia

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In order to evaluate the influence of rearing system (free-ranging (FR) v. confinement (C)) on buffalo heifer efficiency to reach age of puberty and on behavioural and immune functions, two experiments were conducted from September 2010 to October 2011. In Experiment I, 32 subjects aged 8 to 9 months at the start of experiment were used. A total of 16(More)
The structural requirements for prolonged residual ("sensitizing") activity in bradykinin-potentiating peptides (BPP's) were investigated through a study of seven synthetic BPP's including three not previously described: [Lys6]-BPP9a, [Gly6]potentiator B, and [Lys6,Gln8]potentiator B. The quantitation of the sensitizing activities in the isolated guinea pig(More)
We review the status of FEL source activity of the ongoing SPARC FEL experiment, developed within the framework of a collaboration among ENEA, CNR, INFN, INFM, Sincrotrone Trieste and University of Rome Tor Vergata. The project is aimed at realising a SASE-FEL source, operating in the visible (around 500 nm), with an extended range of tunability down to the(More)
The sensitivity of the guinea pig isolated ileum to bradykinin, but not to other agonists, was increased ca. 2-fold during the 3-4 h following mounting of the preparation under 1 g load. Concomitantly, a decrease was observed in the bradykinin potentiating effect of BPP9a, and of potentiator B but not potentiator C. This decrease was observed only with(More)
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