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The goal of this study is twofold: first, to examine in greater depth the claimed contribution of differences in syllable structure to measures of speech rhythm for three languages that are reported to belong to different rhythmic classes, namely, English, Spanish, and Cat-alan; and second, to investigate differences in the durational marking of prosodic(More)
Interval-based rhythm metrics were applied to the speech of English, Catalan and Spanish 2, 4 and 6 year-olds, and compared with the (adult-directed) speech of their mothers. Results reveal that child speech does not fall into a well-defined rhythmic class: for all three languages, it is more 'vocalic' (higher %V) than adult speech and has a tendency(More)
The application of a thin oxide film is seen as a method of improving the ceramic-to-metal bond. Using sputter coating to form oxide films allows control of its thickness. The thickness of the oxide layer can also be controlled by sputter coating. Films produced by sputtering, in themselves, have superior bond strengths in that the high-energy levels that(More)
This study analyzes the distribution, scaling and alignment of low and high targets in the productions of 36 children; 12 English, 12 Catalan, and 12 Spanish, between the ages of 2 and 6 years. We have compared the intonational patterns of words controlled for number of syllables and stress position in the children’s speech to the adult target provided by(More)
Acoustic feedback is a common problem in hearing aids with vented earmolds. Hearing aids designed to work under normal conditions become unstable when the feedback path varies under changing conditions. A comprehensive study of the variability of the feedback path under various conditions and for different users is presented in this paper. A multiplicative(More)
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This study analyses the scaling and alignment of low and high intonational targets in the speech of 27 children - nine English-speaking, nine Catalan-speaking and nine Spanish-speaking - between the ages of two and six years. We compared the intonational patterns of words controlled for number of syllables and stress position in the child speech to the(More)
Six Catalan-speaking and six Spanish-speaking children between the ages of 24 and 48 months participated in a controlled naming task to elicit statement intonation patterns. A total of 127 utterances were prosodically analyzed using Cat_ToBI and Sp_ToBI ([1], [2]) and phonetic analyses of tonal alignment and scaling were performed. Our results show that(More)
This paper presents an experimental investigation of durational variation in lexical and post-lexical geminate alveolar laterals, under different stress conditions, in Cypriot Greek. Lexical geminates are found to be longer than post-lexicals, and both geminates and non-geminates are longer in word-initial position. The durational distinction is robust in(More)