Elinor Dehan

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The BimEL tumor suppressor is a potent proapoptotic BH3-only protein. We found that, in response to survival signals, BimEL was rapidly phosphorylated on three serine residues in a conserved degron, facilitating binding and degradation via the F box protein betaTrCP. Phosphorylation of the BimEL degron was executed by Rsk1/2 and promoted by the(More)
MOTIVATION Recent years' exponential increase in DNA microarrays experiments has motivated the development of many signal quantitation (SQ) algorithms. These algorithms perform various transformations on the actual measurements aimed to enable researchers to compare readings of different genes quantitatively within one experiment and across separate(More)
Genomic instabilities, amplifications, deletions and translo-cations are often observed in tumor cells. In the process of cancer patho-genesis cells acquire multiple genomic alterations, some of which drive the process by triggering overexpression of oncogenes and by silencing tumor suppressors and DNA repair genes. We present data analysis methods designed(More)
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