Eline S. K. Mattern

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Intravascular ultrasound radiofrequency (RF-IVUS) data permit the analysis of coronary plaque composition in vivo and is used as an endpoint of ongoing pharmacological intervention trials. We assessed the reproducibility of volumetric RF-IVUS analyses in mild-to-moderately diseased atherosclerotic human coronary arteries in vivo. A total of 9,212 IVUS(More)
Volumetric radiofrequency-based intravascular ultrasound (RF-IVUS) data of coronary segments are increasingly used as endpoints in serial trials of novel anti-atherosclerotic therapies. In a relatively time-consuming process, vessel and lumen contours are defined; these contours are first automatically detected, then visually checked, and finally (in most(More)
Behavioral researchers have attached magnets to birds during orientation experiments, assuming that such magnets will disrupt their ability to obtain magnetic information. Here, we investigate the effect of an attached magnet on the ability to derive directional information from a radical-pair based compass mechanism. We outline in some detail the(More)
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