Eline M Schipper

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The emotional system is defined as a dynamical system that has neurological and biochemical structures that force the system to change in a regular and consistent way. This dynamic view allows for an alternative definition of emotion regulation, which describes when emotion regulation is needed, identifies its goal, and illustrates how regulation is(More)
AbstractCaspases are considered to be the key effector proteases of apoptosis. Initiator caspases cleave and activate downstream executioner caspases, which are responsible for the degradation of numerous cellular substrates. We studied the role of caspases in apoptotic cell death of a human melanoma cell line. Surprisingly, the pancaspase inhibitor(More)
Although it accounts for the prototypical course of emotions, the attractor concept has hardly ever been used empirically. Authors applied Empirical Differential Equations (EDE) to frequent (hourly) anger ratings to find the attractor of anger. The attractor concept, its neurological basis, and EDE are explained. The attractor of anger follows an(More)
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