Eline M. Basílio Janke

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Base pairs formed by the inosine nucleoside (I) play an important role in many physiological processes as well as in various DNA technologies. Relative stabilities and favored base pair geometries of free inosine wobble base pairs in aprotic solvents have been determined through (1)H NMR measurements at room temperature and at very low temperatures in a(More)
This study investigates how the various components (method, basis set, and treatment of solvent effects) of a theoretical approach influence the relative energies between keto and enol forms of acetylacetone, which is an important model system to study the solvent effects on chemical equilibria from experiment and theory. The computations show that the most(More)
Low-temperature NMR experiments were performed on mixtures of adenine nucleosides and aspartic acid derivatives in a freonic solvent. By acquiring spectra at temperatures as low as 123 K, the regime of slow hydrogen bond exchange is reached and hydrogen-bonded complexes can be characterized in detail. With 2'-deoxyadenosine lacking a 2'-substituent,(More)
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