Elina Varis

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Hyperlactatemia predicts mortality in patients with sepsis and septic shock, and its normalization is a potential treatment goal. We investigated the association of blood lactate and its changes over time with 90-day mortality in septic shock. We performed a post hoc analysis of 513 septic shock patients with admission blood lactate measurements in the(More)
Six myxomycete species new to the Åland Islands are presented: Comatrichaelegans, Cribrariaintricata, Didymiumminus, Hemitrichiaclavata, Liceavariabilis and Trichiafavoginea. The record of Cribrariaintricata is the third in Finland. Specimens were collected in September 2014. Altogether the number of myxomycete species found from the Åland Islands is now 55.
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