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Formulation, analysis and evaluation of the different scenarios are performed through a developed GIS-based Decision Support System (DSS). Selected options can be simulated under varying availability and demand conditions, so as to monitor their performance and define the extent of their applicability. The behaviour of the water system is subsequently(More)
Multi-stakeholder participatory processes are increasingly viewed as the only means of developing policies and strategies for alleviating real (or perceived) water-related conflicts at local, national and international level. They are considered as problem-solving, institutional innovations to democratise water management, manage conflict and enhance(More)
OBJECTIVE To report and discuss the surgical use of ultrasonography for draining a parapharyngeal space infection in a child. CASE REPORT The use of image-guided surgery for draining a parapharyngeal abscess has been previously reported, with computed tomography for an intra-oral approach and ultrasound for an external approach. We present the first case(More)
The purpose of this study is to provide a better understanding of the impact of agricultural activities on groundwater quality in a semi-arid coastal environment, Korba, in Northern Tunisia which has significant agricultural activities, dependent on irrigation. Impacts have been assessed through the systematic collection of Groundwater samples were(More)
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