Elina A Stefanovics

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OBJECTIVE Money management has been implemented, often in bundled interventions, as a strategy to counteract spending of public support checks and other funds on drugs and alcohol. The authors conducted a randomized controlled trial of a voluntary money management program as an adjunctive treatment for patients in treatment for mental illness, substance use(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors surveyed attitudes towards mental illness among Nigerian medical personnel at three different levels of training and experience: medical students who had not completed their psychiatry rotation, medical students who had competed their psychiatry rotation, and graduate physicians. METHODS Six questions addressed beliefs about the(More)
OBJECTIVE This study assessed beliefs about mental disorders and changes in those beliefs following an educational intervention for a convenience sample of Nigerian medical and nursing students. METHODS A 43-item questionnaire was used to assess perceptions regarding mental disorders and attitudes toward people with mental illness before and after a 4-day(More)
The 30-item Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS) is used worldwide in the assessment of symptom severity in schizophrenia. The present study uses confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) to compare three different factorial models and to evaluate the best-fitting representation of schizophrenia symptom structure on the PANSS across four samples of(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine differences in the associations of gambling problem severity and psychiatric disorders among a nationally representative sample of Hispanic and white adults. METHOD Chi-square tests and multinomial logistic regression analyses were performed on data obtained from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions from(More)
We examined differences in the associations of gambling problem severity and psychiatric disorders among a nationally representative sample of 32,316 black and white adults. Black respondents were more likely than white ones to exhibit problem or pathological gambling (PPG) and a stronger relationship between subsyndromal gambling and any mood disorder,(More)
This article compares data from the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS) collected from Chinese and American inpatients diagnosed with schizophrenia to show how patterned differences in item ratings may reflect cultural attitudes of the raters. The Chinese sample (N=553) was based on consecutive admissions to four academic hospitals in Changsha,(More)
Supported employment, specifically individual placement and support (IPS), improves competitive employment (CE) rates for individuals with serious mental illness, but has not shown greater improvement in non-vocational outcomes than other rehabilitation approaches. The Department of Veterans Affairs offers two types of vocational services, IPS and(More)
OBJECTIVE An increasing number of states have approved posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana, although little evidence exists evaluating the effect of marijuana use in PTSD. We examined the association between marijuana use and PTSD symptom severity in a longitudinal, observational study. METHOD From 1992 to(More)
OBJECTIVE An emerging adaptation of the assertive community treatment model is forensic assertive community treatment (FACT), which aims to prevent criminal recidivism. This study examined predictors of arrest among patients in a prototype program and considered the implications of study findings for future development of the FACT model. METHODS(More)