Elin Sjöberg

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Major depression can be treated by means of cognitive behavior therapy, delivered via the Internet as guided self-help. Individually tailored guided self-help treatments have shown promising results in the treatment of anxiety disorders. This randomized controlled trial tested the efficacy of an Internet-based individually tailored(More)
A method for continuous recording of the ionic efflux from frog skin glands has been developed which under given experimental conditions provides a convenient index on glandular secretion. A nerve skin preparation from the calf is mounted so that the outside of the skin forms the bottom of a small test compartment with distilled water while the corium side(More)
The ionic outflow, mainly consisting of Na+ and Cl-, from the mucous glands in an excised nerve-skin preparation of frog has been determined by recording the conductance changes occurring in a fluid layer covering a small area of the skin surface. In the main series of experiments the glands were activated by stimulation of sympathetic nerve fibers in the(More)
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