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The combination of nitritation and autotrophic denitrification (anammox) in a single sequencing batch reactor (SBR) is an energy efficient process for nitrogen removal from high-strength ammonia wastewaters. So far, the process has been successfully applied to digester supernatant. However, the process could also be suitable to treat source-separated urine,(More)
We have studied the production of prompt electrons in a high statistics sample (118 pb-‘) of hadronic events from e+eannihilation at 29 GeV. We measure the inclusive electron cross section, a(e+e+ e* X) = (35.8A4.6) pb in the momentum range 0.5 < p < 5.5 GeV/c. The data are well fitted by a combination of bottom and charm quark decays with semielectronic(More)
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