Eligius M. T. Hendrix

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We empirically test the role of membership rules and voting schemes for climate change coalitions with the STAbility of COalitions model (STACO). The model comprises twelve world regions and captures long-run effects of greenhouse gas accumulation. We apply three stability concepts that capture the notion of open membership and exclusive membership with(More)
—Spectral unmixing is an important technique for hy-perspectral data exploitation, in which a mixed spectral signature is decomposed into a collection of spectrally pure constituent spectra, called endmembers, and a set of correspondent fractions, or abundances, that indicate the proportion of each endmember present in the mixture. Over the last years,(More)
Hyperspectral imaging is an active area of research in Earth and planetary observation. One of the most important techniques for analyzing hyperspectral images is spectral unmixing, in which mixed pixels (resulting from insufficient spatial resolution of the imaging sensor) are decomposed into a collection of spectrally pure constituent spectra, called(More)
We study the practical production planning problem of a food producer facing a non-stationary erratic demand for a perishable product with a fixed life time. In meeting the uncertain demand, the food producer uses a FIFO issuing policy. The food producer aims at meeting a certain service level at lowest cost. Every production run a setup cost is incurred.(More)