Elif Saritas

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Results of studies using lamivudine and interferon combination in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B are not consistent or conclusive. This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of interferon plus lamivudine use versus single lamivudine in anti-HBe-positive chronic hepatitis B. METHODS Eighty patients were treated with either(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Ghrelin is a 28 aminoasid peptide hormone, have generally focused upon this peptide’s role upon growth and energy metabolism. Recently, studies investigating ghrelin’s effect upon inflammation and immune response have gained importance. We aimed to compare the effectiveness of ghrelin levels, Creactive protein and interleukin-6 levels in(More)
An algorithm to estimate the delay between two track files without time stamps in a distributed track fusion architecture is proposed. The main aim in delay estimation is to make the proceeding track fusion more accurately. The performance of the proposed algorithm is illustrated on an example in which two radars observe a common surveillance area with one(More)
This paper presents posterior Cramér-Rao lower bounds (PCRLB) for extended target tracking (ETT) when the extent states of the targets are represented with random matrices. PCRLB recursions are derived for kinematic and extent states taking complicated expectations involving Wishart and inverse Wishart distributions. For some analytically(More)
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