Elif Haytaoglu

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We propose a new hybrid coding scheme to store data reliably, homomorphic minimum bandwidth repairing (HMBR) codes derived from exact minimum bandwidth regenerating codes (exact-MBR) codes and homomorphic self repairing codes (HSRCs). Exact-MBR codes offer minimum bandwidth usage whereas HSRC has low computational overhead in node repair. Our coding scheme(More)
In this paper, we propose a new method for reducing the elapsed time and the number of messages used in the data reconstruction process of distributed storage systems based on erasure codes through managing TCP connections in case of congestion. The data reconstruction process using the new method and one not using such management of TCP connections are(More)
Heteregenous distributed storage systems consists of nodes which have different CPU powers and communication bandwiths while erasure codes that are commonly used on them significantly vary in their use of these resources. Clustering the nodes of a distributed storage system based on the resource costs and assigning appropriate erasure codes to each cluster(More)
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