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Any multivariate density can be decomposed through successive condition-ings into basic building blocks involving only pairs of variables. The various ways in which this can be done are called regular vines; C-vines and D-vines are prime examples of such structures. A pair-copula construction (PCC) is a modelling strategy in which conditional and(More)
The study of dependence between random variables is a mainstay in statistics. In many cases, the strength of dependence between two or more random variables varies according to the values of a measured covariate. We propose inference for this type of variation using a conditional copula model where the copula function belongs to a parametric copula family(More)
In conditional copula models, the copula parameter is deter-ministically linked to a covariate via the calibration function. The latter is of central interest for inference and is usually estimated nonparametrically. However, in many applications it is scientifically important to test whether the calibration function is constant or not. Moreover, a correct(More)
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